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Gwadar_ A jackpot?

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

With strategic location, excellent climate conditions and ongoing development, Gwadar will soon surpass Dubai !

Gwadar City Master Plan

Gwadar is located at the Persian Gulf entrance, holding 2/3rd of the world's oil reserves. It is an international trading route for Pakistan. That is why

Gwadar port is vital for the economic uplift of the country.

According to the forecast of the Planning and Development Department of Pakistan

Foreign investment in Gwadar's city will raise Pakistan's GDP to 200 billion US dollars, resulting in an increasing 6 billion US dollars in the short term by 2025 for Pakistan's economy.

In 2006, Pakistan conceived, developed, and adopted a 50-year Master Plan to build its Gwadar port.

Gwadar International Airport

To attract investors and facilitate developers, foundation stone has been laid for the Gwadar airport to be built across an area of 4,300 acres will be the biggest in Pakistan and will also become the nation's second airport capable of handling A380 aircraft upon its commissioning in 2022.

Under the China Pakistan Economic Corridor program, Gwadar has undergone vast infrastructural development and is making fast progress towards becoming the world's leading business hubs.

Investors from China, Turkey, Korea, and Britain have already invested 1.10 billion US dollars. Many Arab countries are also in discussion with the Government of Pakistan. This investment in Pakistan will create opportunities and employment for the youth of the country.

Pakistan has the highest population of youth; more than 64% (referring to people below 30 years, according to PDHS 2018).

As higher birth rate is forecasted in the coming years resulting in a higher dependency ratio. Not only do the children have to be supported, but so do the mothers (or fathers). So, the Gwadar Port will create the social capital needed and will also raise living standards.

The average temperature in the coldest month of the year, January, in Gwadar, varies from 18°C to 19 °C.

Gwadar has a sultry desert climate, characterized by little precipitation and high variation in summer and winter temperatures. The average temperature in the sultriest month (June) remains between 31 °C and 32 °C. The mean temperature in the coldest month (January) varies from 18 °C to 19 °C.

Climate and untapped beaches,

makes Gwadar a dream city,


Cold currents of the Arabian Sea moderates temperatures, which means notably cooler summer temperatures ideal for tourism. Are you thinking of getting your tan on at a place more pleasant than the areas inland and cities in the Persian Gulf, such as Dubai? Then Gwadar is the place you are looking for.

The Arabian Sea also moderates winter temperatures, resulting in warmer winter nights as compared to inland areas. The uniformity of weather is a unique characteristic of the Makran Coastal region.

Gwadar has many beaches, and the optimum climate plus golden sand make the views more scenic and the city more tourist-friendly round the year.

The most breathtaking of them are

1. Gwadar Beach; home to the jaw-dropping wind-carved rock formation and clear blue beaches.

2. Jiwani Beach; a commercial and business hub for the fish industry. Best place for excursion trips and boating.

3. Ormara Beach, blue water, and breathtaking view attract the tourists.

4. Pasni; famous for the fish industry

5. Pishukan Beach; also renowned for the fish industry and home to fisherman in Gwadar. It has beautiful golden sand beaches and green water and home to the best fishes in Balochistan.

6. Sonmiani Beach, located in the Lasbela district of Balochistan, is a trendy tourist spot for the locals and Karachi visitors.

7. Padi Zar, a coastline near Gwadar port with a beautiful beach and the best place for commercial activities.

8. Hammerhead Beach, a mesmerizing merge of desert land with the seashore.

n June 2010, Gwadar was struck by the Cyclone named Phet and torrential rains of

372 mm and winds up to 75 mph.

In the end, the port's strategic location, growing development in the region, excellent climate conditions, and support of our Iron (Chinese) friends, Gwadar will contribute to Kamyab Pakistan by contributing to its economy and improving its international outlook with tourism.

Contributor: Hamnah Nouman

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