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A Pakistani Superhero Also Known As CHAUDHRY HARYALI, Destined To Fight Climate Change


He was born in a village of Punjab in the subcontinent. His father was a Small Farmer. He grew up learning about agriculture and got a Degree In Agriculture. His talent got him a research scholarship. He was working on a most effective Solution To Absorb Carbon Emission's from the atmosphere. After research of years, he had No Success. He got so angry that he started smashing his laboratory when a Blast Took Place. Chaudhry Haryali was badly hurt, DOCTORS HAD VERY LITTLE HOPE. He was in a Comma

Absorbing The Carbon with his shaft that is powered only if he holds it.

Super Powers

One day doctors noticed green grass under his bed in the room which was on the third floor of the hospital. They told his family, His Father Was Who Was Very Sad now after looking at the grass growing under his bed at the hospital, saw a ray of hope. He approached his son Haryali Man. Whispered in his ear,

“Do Not Lay Here, You Are Not A Coward, The World Needs You”

This was a jolt of lighting, in a month, he got better and got back to his research. But Nobody Told Him About The Grass Incident that took place in the hospital. Restored his lab, while he was doing that, he noticed something weird. Whenever he was focused or sentimental about the environment wherever he was standing, grass would start to grow under him.

Whenever Haryali Man is sad, angry or concerned about the environment, the grass starts growing under him, no matter where he is standing.

One day Chaudhry Haryali’s father hosted a family feast. There was Open-air Bar B Q.

CH. Haryali noticed that when the discussion took a turn to environmental issues, his body started sucking the smoke from the coal-burning used for cooking the Bar. B.Q. There his family also told Him about The Hospital Incident. He realized his Super Powers

Creating Greenery And Absorbing Carbon From The Atmosphere.

92% of Asia and the Pacific’s population – about 4 billion people – are exposed to levels of air pollution that pose a significant risk to their health.


He is on a mission to change the current state and make it fresh and Pollution Free in 5 Years. Asian countries are the most vulnerable to climate change and south Asian countries top that list. He has started his journey from south Asia and here he not only wants to create greenery and absorb carbons. But also to create his own army of HARYALI that will be responsible for their own trees, streets, cities, provinces, and countries. He will bridge the gap between industry leaders to develop partnerships and fight global warming. HARYALI MAN also known as CHAUDHRY HARYALI knows his limitations. He can absorb the fixed amount of carbon every day. So he will meet with country leaders, to reduce the emissions to a certain limit. HARYALI MAN knows to save this planet he needs everyone.

Haryali Man To the RESCUE

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