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Karachi in Pakistan

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

First Capital of Pakistan, earlier known as Kolachi, a kamao puttar (biggest contributor) of Pakistan, hosting the most diverse community of people, in the hardest conditions possible with no recognition.

Back in the 1800s, Karachi was known as kolachi. Back then who knew that someday this city would become the capital of Pakistan. But do you know, that how the name kolachi changed to Karachi? If we try to look for any official track, as per the Imperial Gazetteer of India, different spellings were used to name the city such as Crochey, Krotchey Bay, Caranjee, Korachey, Currachee, Kurrachee and Karachi.

Nathan Crow, a Bombay Civil servant, in 1799 and described Munga Pir (Manghopir) in the town of ‘Currachee’.

This difference in spelling was mainly because the accents of the locals differed, which led to a difference in pronunciation and thus inconsistent spellings. Charles Mason, credited with discovering Harappa, in 1830 described the city as

“The bazaars of Karychee are narrow and in places covered to exclude heat. It is fairly supplied with shops and in it are several respectable merchants and bankers”.

So the only official track that could be found is a letter posted in 1874, from Karachi to Bombay, carrying the postmark with `KURRACHEE’ written on the front and the delivery postmark on the back read 'Karachi'! It is possible that when Scinde Dawk - Sindh’s postal system- came to Karachi, the city settled on its final spelling. Arif Hasan claims that it must have been in the 1880s. Yasmeen Lari (Pakistan's first female architect) also seconds this. The maps from the Karachi Municipal Corporation (KMC) of the early 20th century spelt Karachi as it is today. So it is safe to say that by the late 19th century, Kurrachee had been replaced with Karachi, at least officially. This city was the first capital of Pakistan and it maintained its administrative authority till 20 years of independence. On 14th August 1947, Islamabad was made the capital of Pakistan mainly because of strategic reasons. Karachi is still the capital of the Province of Sindh. Let's take a look at the statistics of the city to know our city better.Km

  • Area 3527 Sq.Kms.

  • Population - 16,093,786 persons

  • Male 53.83 %

  • Female 46.17 %

  • Sex Ratio (males per 100 females) 116.6

  • Urban Population 94.75 %

  • Rural Population 5.25 %

  • Average Household Size 6.7

  • Literacy Ratio (10 +) 67.4 %

  • Male 71.17 %

  • Female 62.88 %

  • Average Annual Growth Rate (1981 - 98) 3.56 %

  • Pacca Housing Units 95.68 %

  • Housing Units having Electricity 93.80 %

  • Housing Units having Piped Water 74.38 %

  • Housing Units using Gas for Cooking 80.90 %

  • Administrative Units Towns 18, Union Councils 178, Mauzas 75, Cantt. 06.

Karachi being a coastal city hosts several scenic beaches. Karachi is one of three biggest and oldest ports of Pakistan. It is a business hub of Pakistan and the biggest contributor to the economy. Thanks to the established industry and business opportunities offered by the city. However, in the past few decades, the city is has suffered a lot. A city which was once compared to the heights of New York is now compared to the least safe cities on Earth.

Who is to blame, administration, politicians or maybe us the citizens of the city. Aren't we equally involved in ruining our city? something to reflect on.

In recent years, the state has expedited its efforts to eradicate the issues of Karachi like access to drinking to water, proper waste and garbage disposal and centralized bus network and better law ad order. The institutions have made some remarkable progress on the law and order front with the rest of the projects underway.

Sunehri Beach: (So what if you are busy to travel internationally or are short on cash but crave an experience like the Maldives, head out to Sunehri Beach, you will not regret it.)

Manora Beach: (Looking for a day out on the beach just to relax with your family with the sheets rolled out, drinks with a picnic basket on top, you will love Manora. Plus it has some ancient landmarks to explore.)

Aqua Beach: (a new picnic spot named ‘Aqua Beach’ situated some 50 km from the city.The scenic spot provides respite to the chaotic routine life and its exotic landscape is replete of breath-taking views.)

Hawksbay: (Looking for scenic views and golden sand, just drive 20 km south-west of Karachi. This beach is named after Bladen Wilmer Hawke, who owned a beach house here in the 1930s. Hundreds of people visit here daily for swimming, camel and horse riding and for vacations.)

Do you know of any other beaches in Karachi? Share with us in the comments.

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