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El segundo estudio internacional sobre la influencia. En este sentido, autores como Cash Luna, José María. Puerto Rico Coastal Zone Management Program. Department of Natural and Environmental Resources. Dr. Pedro L. Díaz. U.S. Geological Survey - Puerto Rico. Cash Luna Jul 18, 2019 A Closer Walk with You Cash Luna ebook -- Cash Luna Série Emível May 31, 2020 Cash Luna e-mail -- Category:Pastors Category:1961 births Category:Living peopleSCOTUS to decide whether policing, not private companies, is best for regulating cybersecurity Washington: At a time when concern about hackers stealing financial data continues to grow, and the government is enacting stricter laws in a bid to combat the problem, a US court will be deciding whether the police, not private companies, are the best entity to regulate cybersecurity. A legal battle is brewing over the federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA), a 1984 law that criminalises unauthorized access to computers, a case that could shape the laws that govern how internet users can access the web. The government is asking the Supreme Court to overturn a federal court decision that found some of the provision to be overly broad, and that it intended to silence criticism of government online. At issue is a 2012 lawsuit brought by Jeremy Hammond, a hacker, who was accused of hacking into a computer owned by the private company Stratfor, a Texas-based firm that tracks global news and information. Hammond was subsequently charged under the CFAA and faced up to 10 years in prison, after a judge found that he had hacked the system in order to expose the company’s practices, and had taken internal documents. He argued that while the law was vague, the government had no business outlawing hacking the way it did. He claimed that his action was a First Amendment-protected act, because it was a form of political protest. The justice department, which has sued Hammond on behalf of Stratfor, argued that his actions went far beyond seeking information, and said that that they were dangerous and did cause damage to the company. “A defendant cannot be jailed merely for obtaining information that he is not legally entitled to,” according to the government’s brief filed in the case. “Nor can